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🐵 Vanilla Massage Cream


Everyone's favorite Vanilla!! Our original formula with all the benefits of Vanilla essential oils. Use as a personal lube or a massage cream. 


🙊 Aphrodisiac. A systematic administration of vanilla essential oil to patients suffering from importance, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, or loss of libido can relieve the of their problems. This oil stimulates the secretion of certain hormones like testosterone ans estrogen which helps bring normal sexual behavior and promotes sexual arousal.

🙊 Anticarcinogenic: To some extent the anticarcinogenic property of vanilla oil comes from its antioxidant properties. The free radicals or oxidants do not only damage tissue, but can also cause certain type of cancers such as those of prostate and colon. Certain components of the essential oil of vanilla curbs the growth if cancerous cells, thereby helping to cure, prevent, and slow down cancer.

🙊 Sedative: The essential oil of vanilla soothsayer the body in innumerable ways. It soothes all types of inflammation and hyperactivity in the systems of body, including the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous and excretory systems. It reduces inflammation stemming from fever, as well as convulsions, anxiety, stress, and hypersensitivity to allergens. 

🙊 Relaxing: This oil has a relaxing and calming effect on the brain and the nerves that provides relief from anxiety, anger, and restlessness.

🙊 Tranquilizing: Vanilla essential oils helps you to get a good nights rest. The is is due to the sedative and relaxing properties in the oil. It lowers blood pressure and has a tranquilizing effect on the brain that makes it hard to keep your eyelids open. 

So Vanilla Monkey Milk™ has several benefits in short.....

🙊 Lowers blood pressure

🙊 Helps to prevent cancer

🙊 Enhances libido

🙊 Induces sleep

🙊 Relaxing effect on brain & nerves

🙊 Effective antidepressant & mood lifter