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A Little About Us

We would like to first take the time to say Thank You very much for visiting our site!!!!

I'm Dr. Rylie and I started making Monkey Milk™ almost 10 years ago to use in my office for Prostate Massaging. As I wrote a little bit about on the "Prostate Therapy" tab. I specialize in Prostate Therapy and have for almost 20 years. When massaging the Prostate it is very important to be careful for infection and the lube that is used plays a huge roll in that. Most people don't know that petroleum jellies or water base lubes can be dangerous. Bacteria can attach to them. Silicone based lubes do not allow bacteria to attach so those are the ones you want to use.

Silicone is very watery and can make a mess everywhere. Not really what you want to happen right... Monkey Milk™ is like a lotion so it stays right where you put it!

We have our Original Unscented Monkey Milk™ as well as several different scents that are made with pure oils.

The Lavender & Peppermint we DO NOT recommend for a personal lube. If you choose to use them please note that things might get a little heated down there lol. We are not responsible for any agony you put yourself or your partner through. We recommend these for a Massage Cream. Always a good way to start with your partner. (wink wink)

The Coconut & Sweet Almond would be ok to use all over. These are also wonderful Massage Creams. These could be used for a personal lube.

We hope you enjoy Monkey Milk™!!!!

We are a family owned and operated business! We are based in NYC.

If you are interested in purchasing in bulk please contact us and we will give you prices.

We will soon have condoms lubricated with Monkey Milk™.